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I'm Aishwarya Bansala Market Risk Analyst and Quant Researcher

I’m an enthusiastic explorer of the Finance realm, with a deep-rooted passion for technology.

My mission? To ingeniously blend these two worlds, and make finance simple for everyone.

Counting Beans And Cracking Codes! I’m The Financial Maestro With A Knack For Numbers.

I work in risk engineering, risk control, and data analysis. I’m pretty handy with Python and SQL for playing around with data and making reports. I also know my way around fancy finance stuff like vanilla and exotic products.

Plus, I’m well-versed in the Basel Framework for minimum capital requirements and FRTB regulations.


Risk Analysis

Demonstrated experience in daily reporting, monitoring market risk exposure metrics, and validating data integrity for calculations such as VaR, SVaR, and ES.

Python and SQL

Proficient in Python and SQL for data manipulation, reporting, reconciliation, and adjustments of global and local risk engine data.

Advanced Excel

Mastery of Excel, including functions, pivot tables, macros, and other advanced features used in data analysis and reporting.

Stakeholder Management

Collaborated cross-functionally with Market Risk Managers, Product Control, and IT for remedial action in analyzing market data for risk calculations.

  • Daily reporting and monitoring of market risk positions, along with the counterparty risk limits, backtesting and validate the data integrity of the reports used for the calculations of the VaR, SVaR, and ES.
  • Reconciliation and amendments of the global and local risk engine data using SQL and Python as well as maintaining other market data time-series.
  • Analyze market data used for market risk calculations across several asset classes and liaise with Market Risk Spreads/Managers, Product Control or IT for remedial action.
  • Collaborated cross-functionally to resolve issues, interpret policies, and advise clients on banking trading limits, while also actively participating in the establishment of control processes for FRTB regulations.
  • Provided technical expertise in testing and implementation of new business processes for credit cooperative societies.
  • Analyzed and strengthened the loan recovery and collection process of the credit department, resulting in a reduction of overdue loans from 60% to 23%.
  • Identified key stakeholders and created a communication plan to facilitate stakeholder engagement, resulting in a clear understanding of the project scope.
  • Drafted accounting and HR policies as well as created a pipeline of leads for business partnership and business growth.
  • Supported the budget and forecasting exercise using financial metrics, collaborating with different teams, and compiling data into Excel.
  • Created firmwide budget presentation, supporting materials, and PowerPoint slides to be presented for the founding team.
  • Implemented requirements gathering and reporting processes to improve stakeholder engagement and performance improvements on 6 projects simultaneously.
  • Implemented agile methodology to reduce turnaround time by ~28% by working with the team to identify bottlenecks and facilitate project planning sessions.
  • Improved the Requirements Life Cycle for 4 projects by coordinating the documentation of requirements, facilitating the review process, and communicating the results to the project team.
where I break down the complexities of the risk world.
Education is not learning of facts, but training of the mind to think.
Master In Business Administration (Finance)

University of Mumbai (2020 – 2022)
CGPI: 9.47, University Rank: 1st
• Head of Finance Club
• President of Student Council

Bachelors In Computer Applications

SNDT Women’s University (2017 – 2020)
CGPA: 9.17, University Rank: 6th
• Best Student of the Year 2019-2020
• Founder and President of IT Club

Let's bridge ideas, share insights, and create a meaningful dialogue that goes beyond the numbers.
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